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UPnP v1 Service is Down

The UPnP AV Media Server app can turn your NAS into your home multimedia streaming server. As long as you have devices that support UPnP or DLNA (for example, SONY BRAVIA TV or PlayStation3), you can directly browse and stream the pictures, music and videos stored on your NAS.

UPnP v1 Service is Down

Postby troshalom » Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:25 am

Yesterday 01/19/2020 I discovered that I could not access the UPnP on any of my devices. I check the NAS and it states that the service is down.
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Why is the service down?

How can I bring the service back up?

Note: I cannot use UPnP v2 none of my devices can see it except the LG tv and it just crashes when I access it. So, I uninstalled it. Plus I don't like Java running on my device.

I installed the mini DLNA, but it returns an error Ref. 5401, when I select one of the two LANs. If I select auto it returns the error that auto is not available to check my connection or select another interface.
mini-DLNA.png (61.48 KiB) Viewed 5442 times

Nothing is wrong with my connections. I have another NAS whose UPnP is accessible without issues. However, this Asustor 5202T periodically the service goes down. This is just insane. It is on my device in my home accessed only by me, why is the service going down?
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Re: UPnP v1 Service is Down

Postby orion » Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:41 am

My upnp media server v1 is still working fine. Did you try to disable it, then re-enable it under App Central? If it's not working, I think you should send a support request to asustor.
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