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【News】ASUSTOR/DVBLogic announce limited time offer during 2018 FIFA World Cup. App available now!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:03 pm
by Vera.W@AST
ASUSTOR Inc. announced that we have collaborated with DVBLogic to bring a special limited time offer to all ASUSTOR users during 2018 FIFA World Cup. From June 14th, 2018 to July 15th, 2018, after installing TVMosaic from ASUSTOR’s App Central, users can get 25% discount code on DVBLogic TVButler tuner(s), offer valid until 7/15/2018.

About this app:


TVMosaic turns your ASUSTOR NAS into a personal video recorder. Enjoy your 2018 FIFA World Cup games now.

-Watching live and recorded TV on all screens in house - stationary and mobile - in original quality.
-Watching live and recorded TV via internet from your ASUSTOR NAS, including TV signal transcoding to save network bandwidth (transcoding only works on x86_64 models).
-Timeshifted viewing with instant replay for the most interesting game moments.
-Recording games in original quality directly to the hard disk of your ASUSTOR NAS for watching later.
-Archiving recorded games to the personal collection with SendTo function.

Supported ASUSTOR NAS models:
AS10 / AS10 v2 / AS31 / AS32 / AS50 / AS51 / AS61 / AS62 / AS63 / AS64 / AS70

With the support for satellite (DVB-S/S2), Cable (DVB-C and QAM), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2 and ATSC) and IPTV reception, TVMosaic will record your favorite TV programs in original quality directly to a hard disk of your ASUSTOR NAS and let you watch live and recorded TV content within your home network and on the go.
TVMosaic supported tuners are:

-DVBLogic TVButler (DVB-T/T2/C), HDHomeRun (ATSC, ClearQAM, DVB-T/T2/C), SAT>IP (DVB-S/S2)
-IPTV playlists

DVBLogic TVButler tuner Offer Details:

-ASUSTOR NAS users will get a 25% discount upon their purchase of DVBLogic TVButler tuner from DVBLogic webshop.
-This offer is valid for ASUSTOR NAS users only.
-This limited time offer is valid during 2018 FIFA World Cup from 6/14/2018 – 7/15/2018.

For more product information, please visit the official website:
For more TVMosaic information, please visit: