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ADM 3.1.2.RHG1 is released.

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ADM 3.1.2.RHG1 is released.

Postby Vera.W@AST » Tue May 22, 2018 7:29 pm

Version: ADM 3.1.2 RHG1
Released date: 5/16

Notice: No matter if you decide to upgrade ADM or not, it is still recommended that you should back up all data on your NAS.

What’s New? (Since ADM 3.1.1.RGG1)
Clicking Share Links created by ADM File Explorer will now open a new web page, allowing the user the choice between downloading or opening a new tab.
Added feature to set Min protocol for the Windows file service in the Services app. SMB 1.0 protocol now can be set to disabled if needed.

Change log
Upgraded Apache to version 2.4.29.
Vulnerability on the nvradmin account has now been fixed.
Configuration files of the LDAP Client, CIFS folder and Recycle bin can now be added to the Health Record.
ADM now reads data from two SSDs on RAID 1 simultaneously for better performance.
Thumbnails are now able to be displayed for photos on external drives.

Download site:
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