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【Newsletter#123】Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer Florian Ledoux Loves his ASUSTOR

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2020 5:56 pm
by Carrie.Y@AST
Florian Ledoux is an award-winning wildlife photographer, based in Tromsø, Norway. Working with international media such as National Geographic, Le Figaro, TIME, BBC Seven Worlds One Planet, Netflix Our Planet. His work has been exhibited worldwide in places such as, the Smithsonian, the Californian Academy of Science and the Red Dot Museum. Florian’s work is also found in film festivals, including, but not limited to the Ocean Film Festival world tour and the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.

Florian shoots in 4K or Raw photography and this has caused him to find a better solution to for storing all the work he has created. Since 4K and Raw photography take up a significant amount of space, Florian is need of a solution that offers a very high amount of storage capacity. Another challenge for Florian is that he is often away from home and not often near his data. He spends most of the year traveling to remote places in the Arctic or Antarctic, too far to return home if data is needed. Florian needed a device that could offer high capacities while also being accessible from distant locations. Places like South America, Antarctica, Greenland and Canada are particularly far and is not practical.


AS5304T allows Florian to both store up to 64TB with four Seagate 16TB IronWolf hard drives but also is able to access stored data remotely without a monthly subscription. Seagate’s IronWolf hard drives are built for the most demanding of environments and the highest workloads. Seagate’s Ironwolf hard drives combined with the powerful ASUSTOR AS5304T deliver optimal reliability and system scalability for Florian’s work shooting wildlife.