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Suggestions: increase snapshot quality and quantity

Surveillance Center gives you the ability to collectively manage an array of IP cameras. Through its Web-based interface you can monitor live view feeds from all your cameras and play back previously recorded video.

Suggestions: increase snapshot quality and quantity

Postby Rick172 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 1:28 pm

I have set Surveillance center to take video and send email notification(with picture) when motion is detected

The quality of the snapshots however is terrible and only 1 picture is sent per email.

I would like to ask if it's possible to:

1) Allow to set quality for the picture (high, medium, low). Currently there is not way to change it and quality is extremely low.

2) Allow to take several snapshots. Foscam interface allows (when motion is detected) to send an email with 3 snapshots collected each after 2 seconds (timer is configurable).
This makes it possible to better understand if motion detection occurred is a false alarm (for example a bird flew in front of the camera) or not.

3) Allow to save snapshots to a directory (in the same way as video are saved). It's nice to have snapshots sent via email, but it's also very handy to have the same on the hard drive

4) Allow video files to be deleted by users.
Currently I have set Asustor-->File Explorer so that everyone (Owner/Group/Others) have read/write permission on "surveillance" folder and also for the files and subfolders.
Using Windows file explorer, I can simply go to the surveillance directory and delete old files or entire directory.
However when new videos are collected and new directories are created (for example for another day or another hour) the new folder does not have the same permissions, so if I try to delete I get "you require permission to make changes to this folder".
I have to go back to Asustor-->File Explorer and change again the permissions which is extremely tedious.
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