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How to auto re-connect camera

Surveillance Center gives you the ability to collectively manage an array of IP cameras. Through its Web-based interface you can monitor live view feeds from all your cameras and play back previously recorded video.

How to auto re-connect camera

Postby Norbyte » Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:43 pm


it often happens to my cameras that they disconnect (Foscam C1) and they stays in disconnected status until I disable and enable them in Surveillance Center mobile app or
when I do the similar in the desktop app.

So, I would like to have an option in the Surveillance Center's Event Action Rules part and a camera disable then (for example after 2 mins) enable option.
With that I should cover the cases when the cameras are disconnected.

Or, when no chain action is possible, add option to disable camere, and with a separated event to enable disabled camera :)

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