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RTSP (and RTP) over UDP and what is test_rtspc3?

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RTSP (and RTP) over UDP and what is test_rtspc3?

Postby boilerbots » Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:06 am

I have several cameras that are not supported and two of them only support RTSP and then RTP over UDP.

I logged into my AS4004T directly and was experimenting with the "streaming" program and trying various options that are not easily specified through the configuration GUI (only in windows, another problem that I have), but I could not get a stream to work. However I found "test_rtscpc3" and with that program I can specify UDP and it will receive the cameras stream.

Can you make the "streamer" application support UDP?

Here is the results from running the command.

Code: Select all
admin@AS4004T:/volume1/.@plugins/AppCentral/nvr/bin $ ./test_rtspc3 -c rtsp:// -d udp -e 554
The will connect to rtsp://
The rtp will be asked to trasmit thru udp
The rtsp-port number is set to 554
setupStreamSocket SO_REUSEADDR reuseFlag1=1
setupStreamSocket SO_REUSEADDR reuseFlag2=1
liveMedia0 Initiated the "video" subsession (client ports 45686-45687)
liveMedia0 Setup the "video" subsession (client ports 45686-45687)
liveMedia0 Cretated a data sink for the "video/MP4V-ES" subsession
[rtspc3.cpp:742] Force to do keep-alive with interval: 30 sec
0.060 type:[video/MP4V-ES] len:26747  [000001B6  55E4F814  858C91C7  07EE0BF4  F43E17DE  0102F70F  4DCF85FF  9F70BDC2]
0.090 type:[video/MP4V-ES] len:24261  [000001B6  56621C14  8BDE2F78  5F3B4F0F  CFA1EE70  FCE85FC7  9C1F831D  17D3E16B]
0.130 type:[video/MP4V-ES] len:24075  [000001B6  56DF3814  C7E705AB  C7EF7A17  FCD85ED4  864E17B8  5D385BFE  78F85EFD]
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