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.cache file trouble

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.cache file trouble

Postby Jack@007 » Fri Nov 20, 2020 2:33 am


A question;
My recordings ( 2 camera's) of SC are organized per day and per hour (in day- with 24 hour-directories).
Every once in a while I manually delete my old recordings to free up some space on the NAS (AS6202T, 2x4TB). This does not always work like expected.
Often (so not always) when i want to delete a complete day-directory (with 24 hours of recordings) this fails. It always fails on one of the ".cache" files which is in every hour-directory.
The NAS file explorer reports the fail as "Unable to delete files/folder. (ref. 5011)" and status "Aborted".
Performing the delete with the Windows explorer gives no warning but fails also.

When this happens and i perform the delete again on the day-directory it works as expected, the remaining part of the whole day-directory is deleted including the troublesome ".cache" file.

Why is this?


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