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migration of itunes

The iTunes Server app can turn your NAS into your home's audio and video streaming center. It allows you to share music and movies from your NAS with computers in the same network environment.

migration of itunes

Postby wayberbrew » Mon May 25, 2015 3:18 am

Hi there. First apologies if I'm raising something that's been raised before but I'm getting quite frustrated. I've purchased a NAS drive (the four drive version) and connected it up to my network. I currently have nearly two tb of music and a couple of more or so of films which I stream through ITunes from my desktop pc to three apple tvs. System works fine but I have three external harddrives which are always on, along with my pc, and so the NAS seems like an obvious way forward. ive copied my music to the nas drive and installed iTunes server. Where do I go from here? I've tried importing the files into the iTunes server but that didn't work. Ideally I want to keep my same ITunes library with all its playlists etc but pointing to the new drive, be able to switch off my pc and be able to use the apple tvs with the Asustor Nas. is this possible? please can someone point me in the right direction. cheers
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