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Streaming Music via ITunes server - must be "apple" format ?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:23 am
by tomd
hi all,

I have a 202te and I'm tossing up what to do with my music collection.

Music is all in FLAC format.

should I use the iTunes Server to store my music?
And if so, should I convert FLAC to lossless Apple for best results? I don't mind doing that but if there's an alternative (and similar results product) then I'd be keen.

Or can I store in FLAC format on the iTunes Server and stream?

More Info: I also purchased an Airport Express to stream to my Hi Fi which sits in another room...

In an ideal world, I'd love the iTunes server to be the place I store my data, and stream to various devices around the home, but fear I could get trapped in the "apple space".
I also want to control playback via an android tablet, and even my android phones...don't have iPhone or iPad.

Is there another option, similar to iTunes I could use instead?
which could also stream to my Airport Express?

Thanks for any info.