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noob question about uploads

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noob question about uploads

Postby tevren » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:20 am

Sooo... I have port fowarding on for my torrent port on my router. Downloads are working just fine, but my upload speed is stuck at 0. Does anyone know why this would be?

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Re: noob question about uploads

Postby yogi » Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:31 pm

hi tevren,

3 reasons: your client, the tracker, the other client.

1. your client (download center) is basicly Transmission 2.61
download center is using that kernel, but lacks a lot of options your client might need to propper communicate.
take a look at preferences > connection
you can define your port (which should be the one forwarded in your router) and switch on/off DHT & encryption,
but there are many more client options we might need, i.e. PEX, LPD, UDP, uTP ...
also, simply switching encryption on/off is bs, we need this option for both incoming & outgoing connections.
i don't want to get into too much details, but for many other reasons transmission 2.61 is a poor client for us.

2. the tracker source can define these options and many more to establish or decline connections between the clients.
unfortunately download center does not show us the reason if or why there might be a problem under 'status'.
private trackers often use a lot of these options, open trackers usually don't, so which tracker are we talking about?
thus to test your client an open tracker might be a good choice, on the other hand you should NEVER use an open
tracker for legal and safety reasons, unless using TOR, vpn or some other way to protect your identity.

3. the other client you want to upload to might have set different options, i.e. acceept only encrypted connections
and if your client has switched off outgoing encryption no connection can be established.

i would recommend to have another client on your pc like utorrent etc. to test trackers & connections before trying
to get NAS working as well just to make sure there are no other problems with your router or home network.
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