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Recovering accounts / Home files

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:18 am
by haynsie
I think I've accidentally deleted a lot of pictures...would be really grateful if anyone can help!

On my NAS, I was running two admin accounts for a while, for no particular reason - I just set it up that way when I first got it. One was the default admin account and lets call the other one 'Dave'. A few weeks ago, I was messing around and thought I'd clean things up a bit on my NAS and one of the things I did was delete the 'Dave' account. All good, until..

Yesterday, I couldn't find my 'Pictures' folder on my NAS - no prizes for guessing what was in there. Everything else still appears on the file browser - music, videos, documents, other backups...just no pictures. After much thinking and some googling, I think that the pictures folder was stored in the 'Home' folder of the Dave account, and so by deleting that account (and clicking through all the 'yes I accept all data will be deleted' type messages that no doubt came up) I've probably also deleted that pictures folder when the home drive section was cleared :-(

I do have these pics backed up, but my external hardrive is temperamental and my backup is a few months old - restoring them wold be preferable, albeit its not the end of the world if it can;t be done.

So, is it possible for me to recover these files? They aren't in the recycle bin :-(