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Android Remote apps -> no server

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Android Remote apps -> no server

Postby Hard-Boiled » Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:20 am

i got a brand new AS6210T this weekend and installed it from scratch.

- Storage and RAID is working
- The system also installed the newest ADM from the web, so now it has ADM 2.6.5.R9N1
- i also went to the web, identified the machine and installed some apps (including their prerequisites), e.g. Portal and KODI

Now my SECOND problem. the apps installed at my Android-mobile , like AIMaster reporting No server found.

- i did install the remote apps at the NAS (remote center, droidmode)
- the mobile is linked to my net via WLAN and this is working, e.g. able to surf the web
- i do see the adresses of my mobile and NAS at the router setup

PS: my WLAN is secured with a function to only accept machines with dedicated MAC-adresses, however, the MAC-adress of the NAS and the mobile are in that list ?!

All ideas welcome. Are there any setup's i need to do, to make this working ?

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Re: Android Remote apps -> no server

Postby orion » Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:06 am

My AS-304T is working fine. I doubt it's caused by your router. I think you can try to disable "dedicated MAC-adresses" feature to see if it works. Or you can try to use your PC to find NAS. (NAS and your clients must be on the same LAN.)
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Re: Android Remote apps -> no server

Postby Hard-Boiled » Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:34 am

Hi orion, thanks for the feedback. In the meantime the solution was found and i'll share here, maybe this would be helpful to someone.

Solution : My router has a setting called "Wireless isolation" which was switched to ON.

Description "Wireless isolation" :
If checked, the wireless client under this SSID can only access internet and it can’t access other wireless clients even under the same SSID, Ethernet clients or this device. Other clients can’t access the wireless client, either.

I disabled this (to OFF) and the apps are now able to find the NAS and i'm able to work with them from my smartphone -> Problem solved.
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Re: Android Remote apps -> no server

Postby MikeG.6.5 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:56 am

That setting "Wireless Isolation" basically makes a separate vlan for your wireless devices that can't see the wired devices. Most people would use this if they had a business where they also made a guest access to their WiFi for anyone visiting. You don't want the guests to have access to the main network, so you isolate it.

Some higher end home routers also have settings like this, and some even go a step further, isolating the guest network from the rest of the network. Where anyone on the guest has internet access, but can't access anything on the rest of the LAN, WiFi, or wired. That means if you wanted someone that's on your guest network to have access to your networked printer, that printer is going to have to be on both the LAN and the Guest networks. Not many printers support multi-homing like that, so it's going to take a high end printer to support it.

Based on your description of the problem initially, I would have said you didn't have ports forwarded through your router to the outside world. so yes, I would have said it was a router issue, but one you could fix with port forwards. If that failed, this setting you found here would have been the next thing to look at.
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