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Disk 1 Status - ABNORMAL (Data Transmission Error)

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Disk 1 Status - ABNORMAL (Data Transmission Error)

Postby Bo1o1 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:44 pm

1st off.. this unit in barely 2 months old.. and drives are new 3T WD Red also new.

Ok this has happened twice..

1st time.. not sure when it started.. just noticed a red LED.. checked Storage Manager.. had status Abnormal and hover showed the "Data Trans Error"

ok.. I bought a new drive.. replaced the one.. rebuilt and ok.. back to Raid5

tested other drive on PC.. removed volumes.. all clear and appears ok..

Now this 2nd time happened during power failure.. I have a UPS.. good one with AVR, it showed 250min run time.. but I turned off the box.. wrong I think.. I could not get any response on the buttons.. it was showing.. loss of lan or network... yup routers and switches were not on the UPS.. ok.. so I pushed everything.. then held the power button and it turned off.. anyway.. powers back.. all is working.. but I have the error now as indicated.

Question #1 - Why Data Error and is there a way to fix this.. I'm sure the drive is ok..

Question #2 - How am I supposed to shut the box off when no network...

I guess #3.. I have a UPS listed as compatible with this unit.. I have connected the USB cables.. how to what do I program to make the box shut off?
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Re: Disk 1 Status - ABNORMAL (Data Transmission Error)

Postby orion » Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:45 am

You can do bad block scan under ADM web page -> Storage Manager -> Disk -> Disk Doctor. That should be able to check if there are any media errors on disk.

You should be able to power NAS off or make NAS sleep (depends on the setting on ADM -> Settings -> Hardware -> Power) by press power button for 2 seconds. However it will power NAS off forcefully if you press power button longer than 4 seconds. So, be careful.

You can leave NAS alone if you have UPS connected correctly. NAS should turn off / on automatically. You can check further settings under ADM -> External Devices -> UPS.
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