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nasmand and stormand causing disk activity

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nasmand and stormand causing disk activity

Postby billsargent » Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:29 am


I've been noticing that after midnight each night, nasmand and stormand will cause a lot of disk IO and it won't stop unless I reboot. I compiled iotop for the nas and it shows that nasmand is running 100% IO right now. If I reboot, it stops until the next night.

I've checked several times to see if S.M.A.R.T. checking was still enabled, as I had it enabled in the past, but thats not it. Not being sure what nasmand or stormand does, and there not seeming to be any log entries anywhere in /var/log for those, I can't tell what is happening.

In a previous post here, I was asking about my nas renaming itself back to its default name. I have figured out that killing nasmand causes that.

There seriously needs to be more detailed logging of what is going on with these non-opensource programs on the nas.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

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Re: nasmand and stormand causing disk activity

Postby orion » Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:22 am

I did not encounter this problem on my AS-304T. I think you'd better to send a support request to asustor to check it. It should be definitely caused by one or more processes.
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Re: nasmand and stormand causing disk activity

Postby wolvverine » Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:44 pm

Yes , it is problem with nasmand process.
Look on:

killall nasmand && strace -f nasmand

showed many operation:
stat, fstat, lstat, fstatat, newfstatat,getdents
on every file/directory on RAID.
And depending on the amount of GB on the disk it can take several hours (1GB = 1h)
Asustor team did not explain why this indexation of all files serves.
And why they do not want to allow configuration at which point this indexation will be performed, it is hard coded at 24:00.

The read operartion is in peek to 6-8 MB/s. Average 1,2 MB/s

"According to our software team, yes, the nasmand daemon will do the housekeeping works of NAS during the midnight. When it finishes the job, I will enter the sleep mode automatically"
"house keeping , like check account expiration , and check log file usage...etc
the app is a daemon without any user interface, the check start time & frequency are hard coded in app itself"
"After checking with the software team, the process will be respawn automatically"
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