Sans Digital Drives + AS6508T and More

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Sans Digital Drives + AS6508T and More

Post by Alpha27 »

I have 2 Sans Digital 8 bay boxes, of which 1 has a hardware fault and is unusable to span all 8 2TB drives.

Is the AS6508T capable of direct insertion without translation of 8 RAID 5 drives from the Sans Digital box to get the data off?

It would be nice to know before I buy the AS6508T what my options are.

If not, what else could I do short of installing the Sans Digital PC software and dumping the Sans Digital box to the AS6508T, via the PC? That would take a while.

The next question is what maximum size of HD, 18TB for example, that will translate to the maximum size to populate and attain the 108TB box capacity should I use? For example 18TB = what formatted, what maximum drive to buy? Also, can a 20TB drive be formatted in such a way to gain extra capacity or is there slack space?

Seagate Exos or Iron Wolf which is recommended?

Any info on these questions would be appreciated.
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