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AS-606-T 3rd party RAM

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AS-606-T 3rd party RAM

Postby iain_c » Sat Jul 30, 2022 11:52 am


Can any kind person offer advice on upgrading the RAM on an AS-606-T?

I'm trying to upgrade the RAM on my old AS-606-T (I just upgraded to an AS-6706-T due to the 606's slow CPU and a problem with the system hanging during use).

I'm now trying to get the old 606 unit working properly so I can sell or donate it. I noticed the CPU and RAM were heavily loaded much of the time so I've tried to upgrade the RAM from 1GB to 3GB by adding 3rd party 2GB sticks (Asus don't sell RAM upgrades for the 606 any more).

So far I've tried three sticks and the NAS won't boot. It just lights 2 out of 6 green LEDs on the hard drive trays and never proceeds beyond 'Starting System'. I blew out the RAM slot with an air duster and have tried really pushing the RAM very firmly into the slot.

It looks like the RAM has a motherboard problem or I'm using incompatible sticks.
The website recommends these: ASUSTOR DDR3 SDRAM AS-RAM2G 2G For AS-6 series DDR3-1333, 1.5V, 204Pin SODIMM
I bought these: Crucial Laptop RAM 2GB DDR3 1333MHz (PC3-12800S) 204-Pin SODIMM Memory 1.5V Model:2G-1333MHz-1.5V

I used to understand this stuff but there are so many 'flavours' of RAM out there now it's completely possible I have the wrong type.

Can anyone advise?


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