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RAM specs for AS6512RD Lockerstor 12RD?

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RAM specs for AS6512RD Lockerstor 12RD?

Postby philCryoport » Wed Sep 29, 2021 12:41 am

Hi there, we are looking to purchase the AS6512RD Lockerstor 12RD. We'd like to install the full 128 GB of RAM when we receive the diskless unit.

The memory compatibility page's only 32GB RAM chip for the AS65 series -- ... type_id=40 -- is Asustor's own AS-32GD4 RAM chip: ... uct_id=105

However the picture on the AS-32GD4 page is actually for a 16GB chip, not a 32GB chip: ... 00x500.jpg

Are the technical requirements for RAM chips for the AS6512RD the following?
* DDR4-2666
* 1.2V
* CL19
* Non-ECC
* Unbuffered
* 260-pin SODIMM

It looks like the suggested compatible brands for DDR4 are:
* Corsair
* Crucial
* G.Skill
* Hynix
* Kingston
* Panram
* Storex

I'm assuming I should get one of those brands?

Thank you for your assistance.
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Re: RAM specs for AS6512RD Lockerstor 12RD?

Postby orion » Wed Sep 29, 2021 10:12 am

I believe there is another guy in this forum that asked the similar question. It's interested that Asustor shop posts the wrong picture. I guess they share the same picture as 16GB RAM. The anchor should be 32GB anyway. I'll forward this anchor to Asustor for them to check it...

You should be able to install 32GB from other brands (must be compliant to the spec) on AS6512RD. But the one listed in Asustor shop should be tested. The other models are not tested. If you can return RAM after failed test, you can buy the same spec from the other brands.
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