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AS5202T with 16GB ram

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AS5202T with 16GB ram

Postby jlongo » Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:01 pm

Yes, it works...

After some tries with different ram modules i found one that works with this NAS.
It have two of them now and working.

IMG_20200114_135736.jpg (147.44 KiB) Viewed 141 times

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Re: AS5202T with 16GB ram

Postby father.mande » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:25 am


Good information ...

Lot of Celeron Jxxx accept 16 GB of memory, even Intel support only 8 GB (it's more for a segmentation of the market, and wafer test result ... because same CPU exist with a different name and number)
Celeron Jxxx are also the result of wafer rejected from test ... when CPU is created, so can have (or not) the capabilities as accepted wafer

Jxxx seem to be more sensitive to addressing large memory controllers than "normal" series ... so in lot of case you can use 16 GB but after tests ... and better stress (to be sure), some tools exist (using a chroot) or in Entware APKG (stress program ... ATTENTION to use value coherent with your system ex. stress memory (vm) can stress swap if you exceed some value ... so using dry-run before real is a good idea ... )

I have 2 NAS with J1800 and J1900 that run with 16 GB (Kingston)

Thanks for the experience return.
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Re: AS5202T with 16GB ram

Postby Nazar78 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:23 pm

Yeah having 16GB in this Nimbustor NAS is really useful. I have it running LXC modded with Ubuntu Eoan Desktop loaded with few games from Steam and was surprised I could play CS:GO rather quite smoothly in FHD medium settings. A 4K 100mbps HEVC 10bit playback in VLC is also very smooth. With Chrome few tabs opened in background and the CS:GO game running, it's already using about 9GB 70% of the RAM (had swap turned off on boot). That's including few apps from the Asustor app central (PMS, Radarr, Sonarr, Jackett, Bazarr) and few of my custom FCGI Debian chroot apps running in background.
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