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HDD missing error

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HDD missing error

Postby febe » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:19 pm

My Asustor AS-304T was working fine till few days ago, drive 3 missing.

This NAS only boot less than 6hrs a week.

- upgraded firmware to the latest after it happened.
- Replace same volume same brand hdd, still does not detect.
- Rebooted several times
- Disconnect power cable for more than a day

how to resolve?

Someone facing the same issue after warranty period, does it mean most Asustor NAS will die on us too?


I was highly recommending friends to get Asustor NAS. After this episode, afraid it does not lasts after warranty period. Looking back at my usage, this NAS should last years....
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Re: HDD missing error

Postby ManicMark » Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:29 am

This happened to me also a fortnight ago but I have an AS7004T which is a few years old now.

I upgraded my raid 10 array from 4x WD RE 1TB disks, one at a time, to WD GOLD 4TB and expanded the volume. Everything fine for a week then:

[Disk] Disk in slot 3 was removed.
[Volume] Volume 1 is degraded with 0 faulty disk(s).

I pulled out the caddy for disk 3 and replaced and observed error log (these all have identical time stamp):

[Disk] Disk plugged in to slot 3.
[Volume] Volume 1 recovering slot 3 disk.
[Volume] Volume 1 is degraded with 0 faulty disk(s).
[Disk] Disk in slot 3 was removed.

Obviously I didn't remove the disk. I've tried a number of times. I've also bought another WD GOLD 4TB but the same thing happens so unless both disks are faulty, which is unlikely, it must be the NAS.

I did however upgrade to the latest ADM 3.0.4.RCQ1 just before this happened so I wonder if the ADM is to blame. Anyone else had a "[Disk] Disk in slot 3 was removed." or similar error?
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Re: HDD missing error

Postby peixoto1970 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:56 pm


Having exacly same problem with my as-602t. After ADM update, my disk are removed and the RAID get degraded and finaly the NAS hangs.

What a mess!
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