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Losing EZ-Router when using VPN

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Losing EZ-Router when using VPN

Postby dkobelak » Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:52 am

So whenever I configure my VPN I lose EZ-Router capability and I am unable to remote into the NAS from outside...

I have tried this two ways.. Mind you, everything works locally both of those ways except EZ-Router does not function thus not allowing me to have remote connection to the NAS.

First option I tried was to setup VPN on my asus router. This allowed me to have all my devices connected to the router to be behind a VPN.. After this EZ-Router gave me a message along the lines that possibly 2 routers are setup and my NAS external IP is different than router external IP (UPnP was enabled with an IP). I tried to research and could not figure out how to fix this.. I gave up, and disabled VPN on the router and everything was back to working order..

For the second option I decided to just setup VPN on the NAS under the network settings.. This caused EZ-router to give me a different message this time around "Either the router is incompatible or it does not have UPnP/NAT-PMP enabled).

Is there a possibility to preferably use option 1 or option 2 as my last resort and be able to be able to remote into the NAS?
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