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task manager

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task manager

Postby spikey1973 » Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:12 am

Hey guys,

yeah me again.. last question (i hope)
is there a task manager (app) within ADM.

what i mean with this is.. lets say i plan to run hd scans, long smart, bad blocks, iron wolf.. on seperate days say once a month.
when i type this in.. it's oke, but when i go back i can't see if i planed the task for 1 or all drives (all being both)

so i was wondering if there is a place where all the assigned tasks 8expect there to be more then just drive scans.. liks viral scans and stuff. is collected to see when what will be done?

this would be rather handy, but i can't seem to locate it if there is such an option.

Kind regards

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