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HD and ADM upgrade

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HD and ADM upgrade

Postby spikey1973 » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:17 am

Hey guys,

I'm currently running as6102 with adm 2.7x on a 4TB WD red in the first slot and an (temporary) old seagate 1TD in the second slot on which i have important documents backup-ed.
besides these ducuments i use the nas mainly as network storage and streaming.. so this 4TB drive is slowly getting full.

So i decided i should invest in a new larger HD for the 2e (or 1st) slot. so i decided to buy a seagate ironwolf 8TB.
as ADM 3 will be compatible with ironwolf health management i decided it might be a good idea to install the 3.0 beta version on the 8TB drive and use this 3.0 beta as operating system..
the only thing that concerns me here is that i would like to keep my 4TB red drive as it is.. and use it in the second slot as swappable drive.. but can this be done AND maintaining the current content as it is?
meaning including the OS and the data on there.. ? or would it be altered / formatted.. once i put it in the 2e slot?

so i could swap the drives back over if for what ever reason the 3.0 beta isn't yet up to my (fairly low) standard.

on the other hand.. i was thinking.. maybe it would be better to have the 2e drive as external?!

any suggestions would be HIGHLY appreciated!

Kind regards

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