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How to backup only a subportion of ASUSTOR NAS to ASUS WebStorage?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:17 pm
by Prince_By-Tor
I would like to backup only specific folders within my ASUSTOR NAS to the ASUS WebStorage. However, WebStorage provides only 3 overly-simplified options: (a) "MySyncFolder" mirroring, (b) Using NAS as archive for deleted files/folder from cloud, and (c) mirror the entire NAS to the cloud.

I'd like to be able to do a subset of (c), not the entire NAS!!!! I have many folders on NAS that I do not need to backup to cloud.

If there is no option, I was wondering if I were to make soft-links from various NAS folders to MySyncFolder folder on NAS, then use option (a) but the concern is that any accidental deleting in cloud (say from another client device) would delete from NAS.

Any suggestions?

Or should I abandon ASUS WebStorage as a backup target (in my case, mirror files)?

Re: How to backup only a subportion of ASUSTOR NAS to ASUS WebStorage?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:40 am
by Prince_By-Tor
I did more testing. It seems WebStorage supports a "Personal Device" folder (mirror to cloud, but can't delete from cloud or other devices), however, it puts only real files and folders up to the cloud, not symlinked ones. So I tried putting a concrete folder in "Personal Device" in the NAS, then at other location in NAS put a symlink to the concrete folder, but then parts of the NAS can't deal with symlinks either (oddly enough, some of it does, including creating a file on root of the symlinked folder, but can't see it, yet the SAMBA share sees it from another computer...) - also the Backup utility on the NAS can't see the symlinked contents, so, seems this path is BUST.

Nothing suitable from ASUS WebStorage app on ASUSTOR NAS for backing a portion of the NAS to the ASUS WebStorage...