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Can I start and shutdown NAS remotely ?

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Re: Can I start and shutdown NAS remotely ?

Postby sksbir » Fri Jan 13, 2023 9:14 am

you can try this 3rd party service :

and then add such url in your favorite to directly wake up your NAS : h tt ps:/ /<mac@ of your NAS on your lan>&i=<url to your NAS >&s=

replace items between <> by their values .

note that what @Nazar78 and I are describing here is not the wow feature delivered by asustor on several recent devices but an extension of wol feature : i used this depicus url successfully from outside my home for an as3102t which have no wow feature.
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Re: Can I start and shutdown NAS remotely ?

Postby Nazar78 » Fri Jan 13, 2023 3:38 pm

andy8 wrote:Hi Nazar, thank you very much for the help and explaination.

I have tried port forwarding UDP port 9 on my Sky Hub router and I can succesfully enable the sending of magic packets if I reside in the same LAN network, using the app you recommended - Simple Wake On LAN.

I use a Windows 10 OS-laptop, and I'm trying to follow a step that I could emulate using Windows.

But, the moment I step out of LAN or use any other network (remotely), it stops working and I can't start my NAS anymore from shut-down state. But since it works from within my own LAN network, I am not able to say that my ISP has blocked the port 9 usage (as it seems to work).

I am not sure how to progress from here. My strongest use-case for this is to ensure this works remotely.

Then I tried this step:

2. Use VPN instead of port forwarding. Then you can use those WOL mobile/PC apps or even run the wake up commands from the terminal like etherwake or wakeonlan. Safe but you'll have to connect to your home VPN every time.

With a VPN (I use Surfshark), it still didn't work for me.

Is there any other suitable methods available ? I wouldn't even mind if there is some paid tools available for me to achieve this much easier. Thanks :)
Note few things:

1. You don't need router port forwarding when doing WOL within your home network. It will work with just layer 2 magic packet broadcast which uses ARP. WOW in turn needs port forwarding.

2. To perform a WOL/WOW from a VPN connection, you need a self hosted server VPN like OpenVPN running in your home network. This server is usually running on your NAS, router or Rpi etc. Then connect to that VPN server to do local stuffs like SSH, network share mapping or WOL. Using external server based VPN like Surfshark won't work.

The 3rd party service mentioned by @sksbir also requires you to ensure that the UDP broadcast message can reach your router from the WAN then forwarded to the NAS via broadcast. My previous screenshot simulate this communication. Please also try forward and test UDP port 7 see if it works. I'm overseas now perhaps I can guide you remotely this Sunday or Monday night, I'm in the GMT+8 zone.
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