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RAID-1 migration to larger disks failure - why?

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Re: RAID-1 migration to larger disks failure - why?

Postby kaladorn » Sun Feb 14, 2021 1:02 pm

I have the 3102T. I bought it because I wanted a RAID-1 and I fully expect that RAID-1 means what it is supposed to: That EITHER system disk failing should allow a rebuild of all data in RAID volume.

If the Asustor product claims this (and the advertising does) but one cannot handle a failure in a slot #1 drive, then that pretty much screws over anyone running RAID-1 and the major point of getting a NAS with RAID. You'd be farther setting it up as two separate volumes and running a script to check for changes and mirror them twice a day.

I hope Asustor gets their act together on this. The migration problem is one thing (we need to be able to do that too), but if the RAID gives out on me completely with slot 1 disk failure, their product is defective and if they keep advertising that it can recover from failures of either disk, they are engaging in fraud if they know this doesn't work.

That's lawsuit territory and a lot of bad PR that could adversely affect future sales and consumer confidence in the brand.

I'm going to have to hook an external drive larger than my RAID volume now and backup the data from the RAID up there manually now to be sure that a slot 1 RAID failure won't lose me all this data I got the RAID to protect.

This is not a good look for a RAID supporting NAS...
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Re: RAID-1 migration to larger disks failure - why?

Postby davanian » Fri Sep 17, 2021 4:12 am

Followed Antonios excellent procedure post to add larger hard drives to a 3102T (Raid 1) September 2021 and had no problems with initialising after a power down, step 24.
Hopefully sorted by ASUSTOR.
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