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Listen to FM Radio Streamed

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Listen to FM Radio Streamed

Postby Robi » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:54 am

Yes, I'm really lost in the wilderness here. I wanted to get rid of satellite TV and be able to off-load the majority of the music that's filling up my 1 TB RAID 1 array in my desktop. Also the FM station (see belwo) changed it's format to AAC from MP3 and the Denon won't take that format. I'm hoping someway or other the 6404 will allow me to get around that problem. I can play back any of the music files and video I've loaded onto the 6404 through the Denon HDMI input to my TV.

I'm very confused by the term "streaming" as used in these posts. I have little need to watch/listen to files stored on my AS6404T (4 3 TB WD Red) from a remote location, at least not right now. I have URLs for a FM station 300 miles away and a TV Station (for news) the same distance (none of these are available from Denver CO to where we live in SW CO, only news is from NM). I've tried several approaches to get these into my Denon AVR-3808CI receiver via HDMI with no success ("Unknown Error: 5331" or something to that effect). I've tried several apps ( have the NAS disconnected from my LAN so i can "stream" audio from the receiver, I'm guessing I need to "throttle back NAS speed for my 9Mbps DSL or I could provide the names) with no success.

I also would like to know how the get the "codes" required to use some of the Plex access to TV.
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