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AS6102T vs AS6202T vs AS6302T

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AS6102T vs AS6202T vs AS6302T

Postby Zanza » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:13 pm

Hi all.

First i wanted do decide between AS6102T and AS6202T but now i see that there is a new interesting model, the AS6302T.
61 = 246 Euro
62 = 306 Euro
63 = 329 Euro

looking at 61 and 62. Do you think its worth paying 60 Euro more for a quad core instead of dual core? for normal nas operation i think dual core will be enough and only if you have a lot of apps running it would be important to have quad core right?

63 is the most expensive but it seems like buying a 61 or 62 today is a bad idea since they are old models.
63 has only dual core but a much better one. so i guess have the 63 dual core in general is better than 62 quad core?
not counting 4k stuff, would the 61 still be a good choice? for normal nas operation, will the 61 dual core and 63 dual core really have a noticable difference? Is it worth the 80 Euro?
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Re: AS6102T vs AS6202T vs AS6302T

Postby Marco@ASUSTOR » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:14 pm

You shouldn't see too much of a difference between the quad core and dual core models. They both perform similarly with only two bays. Buy the dual core one if you're not planning to do too much in terms of apps and other heavy usage.
Hope this helps!
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