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Thinking of buying an ASUSTOR AS-202T

PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:05 am
by kjellm

We are planning to invest in a NAS our small "business" setup.
There are two reasons we want to buy a NAS:

1: Backup
we have around 10 pc' we want to backup
2: A shared folder
A shared folder where we can store photos and videos (like dropbox)

So here's my questions:
1: Is there a way to have a shared folder on every computer where people can add files (like dropbox)
2: When the nas has the backup stored, is it possible to backup the NAS to a different pc off somewhere, or even another NAS?
3: is ASUSTOR AS-202T the best option?

I'm thankfull for any help i could get, cheers

Re: Thinking of buying an ASUSTOR AS-202T

PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:50 am
by Auberon2k

To answer things the best I can:

1) Yes! By default the Asustor has a few pre-created shares. One is actually Media with folders for Photos & Videos. It's extremely simple to map a drive to these shares from most operating systems.

2) Yes, there are a number of ways to backup the NAS to another PC or NAS. I don't personally use this, but I've heard others using utilities like RSync to actively keep it backed up to another destination.

3) For a small business? It depends on the volume of data you are looking at. And the safety of the data. Being a business I would expect you would be looking at redundancy on the NAS, so you would run the two drives in RAID1 (Mirrored) which essentially halves the capacity but provides you with the security from a single drive failure. With Pictures, Videos and backups for 10 PCs you would likely find the 202 extremely small. You may want to look at a 4 bay unit. You don't need to fully populate it at first, I started my 8bay with 3 drives and have expanded to 5 so far. You could start with 4bays, load 2 drives in a mirror and later expand/convert to 3 drives & RAID5 and so on.