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Details @AS4002T

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Details @AS4002T

Postby Herci » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:54 am

We are considering a much more modern NAS as our ICYBox no longer meets our requirements.

At the moment we are flirting with the Asustor AS4002T.
We live in two residences, so the NAS should also be used to synchronize the laptops, PC and cell phone (for example, for documents like bills).
Furthermore, we want to access if required but also on files, e.g. Photo collection that you do not want to have on every device.
Third, we want to access at least one home via DLNA via TV also on videos. (Or would you rather recommend us to a NAS with HDMI).

Is it correct that as far as I read that the apps in ADM can do this?

And to the main question, unfortunately we have a connection with DS-Lite of M-Net and on the other hand a cable Vodaphone connection, likewise only with IPv6.

As far as I read there are indeed with EZ Connect or EZ Routeur a Realy server app but so far I could read only negative reports. If a connection is possible only cumbersome with Linux server at hoster or similar. which is far too expensive for us especially as far as I could read so far the competition already offers solutions that are not so problematic.
Therefore, the question of all questions, can someone tell me reliably whether it is enough to install an app on the NAS and then to create an account then via Webdav / DNDS or similar. do you still have to complete a NEtzwerk study and work with several "crutches" to accomplish this?

(Especially since we are considering buying two NAS to sync, since DLNA / network contracts certainly will not provide the bandwidth for video)

Greetings from Southern Bavaria
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