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Requested Docker Apps.

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Requested Docker Apps.

Postby MikeG.6.5 » Sun Nov 19, 2023 7:20 am

There are now a number of Docker Images available that would be helpful to people. The images are maintained elsewhere, so all that needs to be done is making the install portion to make ti happen.

A NAS is a perfect platform for media servers. Audio, video and books are easy to download and manage with the proper software.

Here are a few that could be useful for people:
Calibre (Docker image)
Readarr (Docker Image)
Prowlarr (Docker Image)

Along the lines of adding these apps, since they are docker conatiners, I suggest a way to update them automatically within the docker itself, I know it can be done with Portainer, if you have some skills, but not everyone has them.

I have successfully installed all but Readarr via Portainer, but have no icons on the ADM desktop (the key part I want to make happen) and have to manually update them through portainer.

Be nice if these are included in the App Store to get things more automated.
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Re: Requested Docker Apps.

Postby father.mande » Sun Nov 19, 2023 4:59 pm


I can suggest you to ... ... do it yourself :D (it's serious)
... docker image are build by other (or you) so without needing to integrate (except one or two IP or UDP port ) ... so nothing :roll:
... docker are black box so can contains ... anything with any level of security ... so nothing in the NAS can limit run ... :mrgreen: except Asportal compatibility for full Calibre (using your list) but easy to workaround.

Integrating in an APKG (and providing it for validation to Asustor) is in minutes in this particular case ... (one icon, one json descriptor for ADM icon and integration) a short shell script to start the App.

Update is easy just change the docker image ...

The only difficulty (if wanted) is to check what are provide, software, libraries, scripts inside, etc. , interaction with other software and network security rules or kernel extension require ... but optional compare to quickest delivery.

NB Asustor always want to have more APKG providers to increase offer, so join the list, some like me are so limited ... but some others can help you (I think) based on their experience on docker integration in APKG (search docker in AppCentral on Asustor Web site) ... more we are better it is ...
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Re: Requested Docker Apps.

Postby Nazar78 » Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:00 pm

The thing is when you create apps for ADM, you should have obligations to maintain it and not the responsibility for Asustor to update them because it's regarded as third party apps.

That said, it's very easy to schedule an auto update for the docker containers. A hint for you, it's not Portainer, use Watchtower instead.

As for creating the ADM icons, as mentioned by @father.mande, do it yourself: viewtopic.php?f=228&t=14269.
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