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Security Features - WORM and Isolation

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Security Features - WORM and Isolation

Postby quirty » Fri Aug 04, 2023 7:24 pm

I'm looking at various NAS products and at the moment comparing TerraMaster T6-423 with the Asustor AS6706T. The AS6706T has a slight edge (I think ... this is ongoing!!) in many aspects, but there are two

Both products impress me for various reasons, but in looking at Security which I'd expect to be high on Asustor's list of product concerns I note that Asustor are the only major NAS vendor not to have implemented WORM (write once, read many). With WORM you can set files so that they are read only for a specified period of time (years even) which could stop a Deadbolt type attack on that data.

I also note that TerraMaster has an "isolation mode" which shouldn't be too hard to implement, whereby you can quickly remove the system's internet access. Maybe Asustor has something similar? I'd be looking at something that could even go so far as to limit access to certain time periods, or turn it back on at a certain time.

Anyway ... shopping for a NAS is a journey, and I hope these thoughts are of use to Asustor.
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Re: Security Features - WORM and Isolation

Postby CSP-on-AS67 » Sun Sep 03, 2023 3:38 am

Hi @quirty,

Although the 'Archive' feature on the AS6706T isn't strictly speaking a 'security' related feature, I am taking advantage of it with the otherwise vacant 6th slot on my AS6706T server.

You might already have seen the 'Archive' feature described on the Asustor College pages, here:
NAS 255 - Using MyArchive

A scheduled 'Archive' backup task can wake-up that 6th-slot drive and keep it online only for long enough to make a full backup of my RAID 6 array, and it automatically takes it offline again as soon as the Archive task is complete.

(I keep my Archive drive inserted in slot-6 all the time, and - at 12TB - it's roomy enough to carry all of my RAID 6 data with room to spare.)

For my (so far) modest data storage, my Archive task runs for just over one minute to write about 3 TB of data to my Archive drive ... and the Archive drive goes back offline again a few seconds after the task is complete.

But I'd agree with your general point that more security-specific features will always be welcome on our servers.
A happy AS6706T user.
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