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Webserver .htaccess password protection

Re: Webserver .htaccess password protection

Postby father.mande » Sat Feb 27, 2021 11:29 pm


I just wanted to remind you that ... Asustor support MUST help you to understand this .htaccess ... it's a basic feature of Apache provide by Asustor.

I have the same A.D.M. version

For docker I don't use it, because I don't want to add (hidden) function and management to a tool available as is from source code and native. Also, even if it's not your case ... solution like Entware support ALL NAS architecture.
In second point ... I don't understand why used container build by unknown people (so with sometimes, malware, mining, etc.) when it's so easy (after some study) to create and manage containers with a unique command ...

But it's your choice and you are the "master in your castle" ... :D :D
If you have some basic knowledge on Docker ... sure, I think, you can use it.

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