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[myHD 2] Information before delivery

myHD is an isolated (namespace (mnt, IPC, PID)) Ubuntu environment to run Ubuntu application displayed as ASUSTOR Asportal / Xorg applications.

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[myHD 2] Information before delivery

Postby father.mande » Thu Apr 15, 2021 11:56 pm


myHD 2.x is an update of myHD that offer new approach for HDMI screen output and Applications. (I am sorry for the delay ... but health problems (hope now finished) delayed me )
... myHD 1 is a namespace for mount, IPC, PID (process I.D.), pid_for_children myHD 2 is same
... ... so network, UTS (host name), user and cgroup are shared with A.D.M. ... most important is network (so share I.P. and U.D.P. port) and hostname
... myHD 1 is compatible (except remote control) with Asportal and used Asustor Xorg ... all is kept as is in myHD 2
BUT myHD 2 offer :
... Add possibility to move to Ubuntu 20.04 L.T.S. (myHD 1 limited to 18.04)
... Add possibility to start NOT as chroot with BASH (shell) as initial task (PID 1) but starting as an Ubuntu machine using systemd ... so myHD 2 is nearest of a V.M. (but without overload due to a Virtaul Machine supervisor) and can take advantage of systemd mechanism
... Add possibility to REPLACE Asportal by another desktop launcher (Idesk) inside a window manager (openbox)
... ... require a keyboard and mouse ... no Asustor remote control BUT some Android App. (perhaps IOS) can be used as remote control
... ... this add multiples possibilities :
... ... decoration and top bar (to close, minimize, etc. applications) ... this add possibility to use new applications (Calibre etc.) ... in fact lot of existing applications in Ubuntu repository
... ... Multi-tasks you can have multiple application started at same time (ex. Chrome and Kodi 19 and more limited only by memory) ... even some application run better in full screen mode
... ... Add a menu (click right in an empty place) to launch as in Linux some internal applications, like a file manager, a terminal, etc.)
... ... Add management for multiple Desktop (default Top icons (7) + 28 App. icons max. per desktop), so you can arrange applications in a specific desktop screen.
... ... Add a systray task bar where you can also put your own applications a Pulseaudio systray is provide for an easy management of Pulseaudio even ALSA is always usable for specific applications.
... ... Add possibility to customize your desktop (wallpaper, size of cursors (large cursors best for large screen or if you are not near the screen), etc.)
... ... Add possibility to add launcher in Idesk and to rearrange screen as you like
... ... Add easy creation of new launcher (rules) if you want to do it yourself.
... ... TOTALLY OPEN for integrator and Linux expert ... including the skeleton to be able to start a desktop manager like Xfce

... ALL is managed directly from screen or using myHD command ... a separate WebUI will be provided in a near future (based on scriptserver APKG) to help user.

The first version of myHD 2 will be available soon (I hope) ... it's like a Beta ... it's thousand lines of code ... so I CAN'T test all ...
I will try to contact Asustor to see if it's possible to deliver it using AppCentral ... but difficulty is for Ubuntu environment actually available in my own server.

Here after some screenshot (with a 48x48 cursor) ... and a desktop (fake App.) to test the automatic addition of launcher ... using the same Icon based on Chrome icon ...
===== CLICK on image toget full view
1: Idesk and Openbox menu
idesk + menu
idesk_and_menu.png (587.63 KiB) Viewed 193 times

2: after moving with mouse the icon to select position in screen
apres_move.png (416.42 KiB) Viewed 193 times

3: highlight icon when mouse come on ...
highligth_auto_caption.png (242.17 KiB) Viewed 193 times

4: Pulseaudio systray control ...
pa_systray.png (286.73 KiB) Viewed 193 times

5: Multiple launcher (fake for demo (and test) purpose
multiple_launcher.png (714.69 KiB) Viewed 193 times

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Re: [myHD 2] Information before delivery

Postby damien599901 » Wed May 12, 2021 5:54 am

great news !
thanks Philippe !
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