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GeoIP database not reliable

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2020 7:28 pm
by sksbir
I'm currently using a VPN ( Nordvpn ) to access to my NAS when I'm out of my country ( France ).
NAS is set with Whitelist enabled in ADM defender/Network defender, and this whitelist is set with some countries, including France, Germany.

When VPN is enabled on my device ( a smartphone ) and connected to a french server from NordVpn fleet, I cannot always connect to my NAS : depending on which french server from Nordvpn I'm connected to, it sometimes works and sometimes not.

When I'm not able to connect to my NAS from a given server from NordVpn, disabling white list gives me access again.

I've seen the same problem with German servers : connected to a geman server from Nordvpn, Gemany listed in whitelist, and no access...

So until proven otherwise, it seems that this Geoip database is not reliable. I opened a case to Asustor.