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Linux-Center Technical Support

PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 7:11 pm
by yabba234
Installing lc we get information about the lack of support from the Asutor regarding, for example, problems with linux running in this application. But in this connection I have a question - I understand that Asustor is not obligated to help with Debian problems, but in the linux-center application you CANNOT install debian downloaded from the official source, only a specially prepared archive from the ASUTOR's website - so I ask - why Asustor I don't want to help with the issue of non-working sound in MY version of debian, unofficial - official Debian support will not help me because I use a custom version, so they don't know why the sound doesn't work for me.
Yes, as I wrote earlier on my ticket, I got the answer that I have to install virtualbox, then the answer came that I need to install or reinstall something to solve the sound problem - ok but what?
So far, after contacting support, I have a negative opinion about ASUSTOR. This is not a serious company.