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crt file for VPN

crt file for VPN

Postby jcpamart » Mon Jun 22, 2020 5:03 am

I want to my NAS reconnect automatically to my VPN.

I have make an openvpn with OVH server in France but now I have i serious problem.
I can connect my AS4002T to the vpn but it disconnected every 24 / H.
Every day, my NAS is disconnnected.
In the configuration :

I can connect tha NAS to the VPN in general term so I can choose in advanced mode to reconnect to the VPN even if it's disconnect. (an option I don't have to connect my NAS with an openvpn file).

So how generate a certificate with openvpn to confirgure my NAS in general mode ? (with the reconnected option) ?
How can I modifie the openvpnfile to reconnect it automatically ?

Sorry for my english

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