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migrated to RAID 1 ... Progress?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:56 pm
by huste511

I hope I am in the right forum. ;-) I have the Asustor AS4004T, which has only been around for a few months, and posts here are several years old.

Anyway. I have to move with my two 10TB hard drives from another NAS into the 4004 (Raid1).
Unfortunately, this is not without detours. Although they are quite normal ext4 partitions, the 4004 does not bind the HDDs either through the slots or via USB.

I had to set up the 4004 first with only one HHD. After all the data was on it, I put the second HDD to it and let now create a Raid1.

I did this through Storage Manager -> Volume -> Management and so on.
I also received a notification via email immediately: Event: [Volume] Volume 1 migrated to RAID 1 volume.

Can I now see somewhere that this process is really being worked on and how far it has progressed?

Are actually only the existing data copied or really everything (including the free areas) 1: 1?

What I find strange is that I can not tell at any point that something is being done. Activity Monitor does not show activity on CPU, Memory and Disk. ;-( Also in the system information I do not change anything except the above message.

In the Storage Manager I could even restart the creation of Raid1. It does not lock without similar ...

Can somebody say something about this?


Re: migrated to RAID 1 ... Progress?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:34 pm
by huste511
I think there was a bug somewhere. ;-(

After several hours, the 2 hard drive had a lot of new start_stop counts and according to SMART almost only room temperature

Even though I downloaded several GB of large files from the NAS, I saw *no change* in the Activity Monitor on LAN or Disk1. :?:

I then created the Raid1 again. Now everything looks a little different. ;-)
In the Activity Monitor I see the HDD now 170MB/s. Also downloads are now being shown as network activity.

Under management, I can't now make any changes and the Raid migration is updated in %.

This time I also received more information via emails:
- Volume 1 migrated to RAID 1 volume.
- Volume 1 is degraded with 0 faulty disk (s).
- Volume 1 recovering slot 2 disk.
- Disk plugged in to slot 2.

I hope that's normal now. But the unusual condition and the somewhat strange messages are something disturbing ... ;-(