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Install EncFS on NAS

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Install EncFS on NAS

Postby Hikari » Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:48 pm

I'd like to encrypt some files on my NAS, and also I'm starting to use EncFS over Dropbox.

We don't have any apt-get/yum or gcc on our linux. I'd like to install EncFS, but IDK how to do it manually.

Is it possible, or should I ask somewhere for it to be released on App Center?
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Re: Install EncFS on NAS

Postby Vincent.T@AST » Tue Jan 19, 2016 3:24 pm

Hi Hikari,

We do not support EncFS currently. However, we do find such utility can be an interesting application on NAS usage. We will have our RD to investigate further and put it in our future enhancement list. Thank you.
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Re: Install EncFS on NAS

Postby Hikari » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:24 pm

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, security and encryption are essential on any storage solution.

The best approach would be let us create a folder like /volume1/encrypted/myvolume0/, then create a SMB shared folder /volume1/secure/ which we'd mount on a Windows drive, or a folder inside a shared folder like /volume1/NAS/secure/ which we'd access from inside an existing Windows drive.

It's very important that we can set both the encrypted folder path and where it will be mounted. And be able to create multiple volumes. And each user create and manage his own.

It'd be great if we had a Web UI to manage our encrypted volumes. But, if it's too expensive to develop, I'm ok with managing them from SSH.

The problem of creating an encrypted volume remotely is that only the PC that mounted it is able to access it. The main reason I had to buy a NAS is for it to be available all the time, and be accessible from all my PCs. I like to save stuff from one PC and access it from another, without worrying if the original PC is shut down or if its Windows isn't booting. My data is safe and available. If I use one PC to mount the volume, another PC will have access only after I had unmounted it and made it available for mounting again.

Anyway, unfortunately, I created an EncFS volume from Windows over SMB and tested its performance. It was VERY slow, specially for listing all folders and files. In local HD, TrueCrypt is much faster than EncFS. Because of that I decided to use EncFS only for DropBox security, and use VeraCrypt on LAN. That was very disappointing. I plan creating a VeraCrypt file volume on my NAS and mount it as needed.
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