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Sync easy - backup not

The hubiC cloud storage service has a large user base in Europe. Using DataSync for hubiC allows users to easily connect to their hubiC accounts and perform data backup.

Sync easy - backup not

Postby Charleswj39 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:38 pm

The introduction to the section states that this app is useful for making backups. So far my experience challenges this statement. The app syncs files with the hubiC server so if there is a hubiC folder of the desktop computer, that folder will be synced with the files sent to the hubiC server. This syncing can be turnedf off in the hubiC program. When turned off the computer's hubiC folder can not work as a 'drop off' point for the computer.

The directory/folder structure on the hubiC server are in two distinct categories - sync and backup. It seems to be impossible to move files from the sync side to the backup side. This question has been raised in hubiC's forum and so far without reply. Backing files up from the computer can be done by right-clicking (works on a Mac). But this doesn't work on the NAS.

Perhaps this problem can be overcome by adding a setting in DataSync?
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