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Lunching CardDAV/CalDAV server Baikal in Docker on AS6404T

PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2019 1:28 pm
by Kiss239
Hi all.
While deploying Baikal server, I've reached the problem:
1. Image ckulka/baikal was downloaded from Docker's repo via pull command
2. Container was created and port was cpecified to 5580
Code: Select all
docker run -p 5580:5580 ckulka/baikal

3. In ADM's network options port 5580 was forwarded from external interface to internal
4. In Docker's both comand line and web UI container is listed as "running", port 5580 is specified, enterypoint specified ["docker-php-entrypoint"]
But instead of all this web GUI on port :5580 is unreachable.
Where way be the problem?
Sorry for bad english, thanks in advance.