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[New Filezilla 3.XX] for Asportal

add a FTP/FTPS/SFTP FileZilla client to Asustor Portal

[New Filezilla 3.XX] for Asportal

Postby father.mande » Wed Jun 10, 2020 1:01 am


I am please to announce the availability of a new version of the Filezilla client application for Asportal
This message is to present you the major change

DUE TO A TOTAL new architecture ... the update do a full replacement (like uninstall / then fresh install)
SO PLEASE save your connections information before updating : launch filezilla use export in file menu and export settings in safe place (/share/Public for ex.) OR save folder /home/admin/.config/filezilla/

... APKG use an isolated Ubuntu 20.04 (focal) L.T.S as base of filezilla
... ... SECURITY are maximized (except for kernel and Xorg / Asportal always under Asustor responsibility)
... ... this imply INTERNAL UPDATE mechanism for libraries / security and filezilla itself (to do regularly)
... ... so version of the APKG is fake and don't reflect filezilla version : 3.46.3 at delivery ...
... APKG update can exist BUT only to solve bugs in the A.D.M. part ... Ubuntu and your settings are not modified
... APKG are isolated and have NO access to all share
... ... only Public and Download (if exist) are accessible using same PATH in Ubuntu : /share/Public or /share/Download (if exist)
... ... you can add, easily, more share (or create one specifically) eventually you can access the A.D.M. structure but it's dangerous
... one command is provide to simplify running actions (optional and essentially for update) : filezilla_mngt
... ... useful to configure your timezone (to get correct file stamp)
... ... useful to update Ubuntu 20.04 and filezilla (if update is available)
Code: Select all
 # filezilla_mngt
Usage: /usr/local/bin/filezilla_mngt {start|stop|restart|status} for THE APKG ... (ubuntu + filezilla)
Usage: /usr/local/bin/filezilla_mngt {apkg_enable|apkg_disable} ... do same as AppCentral admin WebUI for managing APKG (include Web icon management
...... /usr/local/bin/filezilla_mngt {ubuntu_set_time_zone} ... set your OWN TIME ZONE ... if error (tzdata not installed ... use ubuntu_package_install)
...... /usr/local/bin/filezilla_mngt {update_ubuntu} ... update Ubuntu 20.02 libraries (security)
...... /usr/local/bin/filezilla_mngt {ubuntu_package_install} [Package_name] ... install a pakacge in Ubuntu (ex. tzdata) ... good to use update_ubuntu before to avoid version problems
...... /usr/local/bin/filezilla_mngt {enter_in_ubuntu} enter in chroot as root for maintenace purpose

... APKG tested on AS5002T

... when filezilla is not started ... nothing use CPU ... only small memory footprint for dbus
... when filezilla start to run ... no overhead ... native run, only small memory added for updated libraries (even existing in A.D.M.)
... when you disable the APKG ... all is clean
... compare to previous version ... the disk space used is extended (include basic Ubuntu 20.02 L.T.S.)

N.B. Download link will be provide soon in announcement post : viewtopic.php?f=183&t=8074
AS6602T / AS5202T /AS5002T / AS1002T
My Blog specific to my APKG :
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