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[Dislocker console tools] manage Windows BitLocker device (R/W)

[Dislocker console tools] manage Windows BitLocker device (R/W)

Postby father.mande » Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:26 am


I am please to announce the availability (ONLY for Intel 64 bits system ... BUT port on 32 bits (and Armhf T.B.C.) in under build)
I will wait for experience return ... to supply others version
===== of dislocker set of tools =======
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Dislocker ... author Romain Coltel

To be able to read / write device encrypted with BitLocker tools in Windows (Microsoft)
tools can :
identify if an USB device is a BitLocker device
get the metadata
manage the bek file
mount as a full image (so without access to the device ... start is longer ... like a dd (full bit by bit copy)) but access faste
... without ANY real access to the device (so write are not reported for ex.)
... useful if you read only (you don't need to keep the USB device connected) ... the encrypted content
mount as a full image (but through a virtual image) able to read / write directly to and from the device
... useful to add or update data
... short to mount ... but slowest when read and write ...

PLEASE consult web site ... if you don't know how to use it
hereafter a short video to help you to understand (I hope)

Only in console mode AND as root (not admin for the mount)
ATTENTION find use ruby
... best is to install the ruby APKG ... BUT ... if you don't install ... I provide a subset just for the purpose of dislocker :lol: :lol:

I DON'T think (but not tested all) that the data will be access from "File Manger" nor "Samba" ... but help yourself ...
Normal usage is :
find if a device BitLocker exist
mount as a file image (not directly readable) it's a "duplicate" of the partition
mount the file image to a mount point as loop device (as any disk image)
... you accede to the date using this last mount point ...

BEST is to create a shell script corresponding to your usage and configuration ... here after a small on as example :
Code: Select all
PASS=$(cat /share/Public/.mydislocker)
/usr/local/bin/dislocker-find >/dev/null 2>&1
if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then
        echo "No BitLocker volume found."
        exit 1
        echo " $? Device(s) found"
DEV_NAME=$(basename $DEV)
case "$1" in
        ### can add multiple devices
        ### can add create foler for mount ... with name of each device
        if [ ! -e ${MNT_APKG}/image_${DEV_NAME} ] ; then
                mkdir ${MNT_APKG}/image_${DEV_NAME}
                chmod 777 ${MNT_APKG}/image_${DEV_NAME}
        if [ ! -e ${MNT_APKG}/mount_${DEV_NAME} ] ; then
                mkdir ${MNT_APKG}/mount_${DEV_NAME}
                chmod 777 ${MNT_APKG}/mount_${DEV_NAME}
        dislocker-fuse -v -V $DEV -u$PASS -- ${MNT_APKG}/image_${DEV_NAME} -o allow_other
        mount -o loop ${MNT_APKG}/image_${DEV_NAME}/dislocker-file ${MNT_APKG}/mount_${DEV_NAME}
        sync ; sync
        sleep 1
        umount ${MNT_APKG}/mount_${DEV_NAME}
        sleep 1
        umount ${MNT_APKG}/image_${DEV_NAME}
        if [ $? -ne 0 ] ; then
                umount -l ${MNT_APKG}/image_${DEV_NAME}
        rmdir ${MNT_APKG}/mount_${DEV_NAME}
        rmdir ${MNT_APKG}/image_${DEV_NAME}

        echo "Usage : "
        echo "$0 start|stop"


APKG BETA :!g9MgiK6L!fiBH37hEQY8r ... C8MTK5VA0c

have fun.
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Re: [Dislocker console tools] manage Windows BitLocker device (R/W)

Postby Spartanineo » Mon May 02, 2016 12:00 am

Thank you Philippe.
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