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[JDownloader2] SAVE your configuration and program

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 11:16 pm
by father.mande

Even if I try to keep your generated configuration and all relevant program and addons when updating the APKG ...

You can (by precaution), and to have a save ... save yourself your environment (ex. after a crash of your disk ... if you put the save in a safe place :roll: :lol: )

In JDowloader2 APKG ... all the stuff are in a folder name jd
so ... /usr/local/AppCentral/jdownloader/jd

multiple possibilities exist ... but I get you mine (to keep all name, timestamp, owner, access, etc.)
how to save
Open a ssh console ... (root / your_admin_password)
go to the APKG folder
cd /usr/local/AppCentral/jdownloader
generate a tar compressed archive (here for ex. in /share/Public (shared Public resoucre)) to get it and copy in a safe place
tar czf /share/Public/my_jd_DDMMYY.tgz jd/
... it's all ... here in the example DDMMYY is Day Month Year so replace by the current value ... but you can use any name ...

How to restore after a fresh install of jdownloader APKG (or to clean a bugged install)
go to the APKG folder
cd /usr/local/AppCentral/jdownloader
rename or delete the folder jd (delivery)
rm -rf jd/ (mv jd ... to rename it if you prefer)
restore the archive (after you copy it on Public share)
tar xzf /share/Public/my_jd_DDMMYY.tgz
NOW add the "flag file" indicating that jdowloader is configured
touch .init_done (don't forget the "." as first character of the file name
... it's all ... now if you Enable jdownloader in APP Central ... you have it again in the state when you do the save ...