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BackUp Plan (Performance and Integrity)

BackUp Plan (Performance and Integrity)

Postby Hard-Boiled » Fri Nov 06, 2020 8:04 pm

currently i have a Desktop-PC (with Backup Plan) installed and 2 NAS connected to my local LAN.

Two questions :
(1) what would be (supposed) the quickest way to copy data from one NAS to the other NAS ?

(2) When using "BackUp-Plan from Desktop-PC" it is storing the data on the target (NAS) in the structure it needs. And, it's storing the plan on the Desktop-PC.
However, 'm wondering what happens, if the Desktop-PC is broken, and i would have to establish it from scratch again.

Can the info available at the NAS only be used to "restore" with a new Install of BackUp Plan ?

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