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Change Deluge 2.0.3.r02 Downloads to custom folders on AS3204T v2

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2020 6:35 pm
by kapre
Hi there, sorry if this is a noob question, but my knowledge of Asustor NAS apps isn't my strong suit.... I've got an AS3204T v2, currently running 3.4.6.RDF3. I was using an older Deluge (I think it was 1.3.15?), installed through Asustor App Central, as that was the available one when I got my NAS. As I was new to NAS', I set up a custom folder/subfolders to organise my files, and could manually add them to subfolders by changing the Download Location in the Add Torrent box eg. /volume1/Krypt/Home Movies. This became even easier with the delugesiphon plugin for Chrome, as it would remember previously-used subfolders, so one-click-add, easy.

However, the older Deluge was working okay at first, but started having issues after a while (constantly crashing with a 'Connection to the webserver has been lost' message, etc.). I checked on App Central, and there was a newer version (2.0.3.r02); so I uninstalled the old one, and installed this one instead.

But I then changed Preferences>Folders>Download to: to /volume1/Krypt , and added a torrent to test; it tried starting, but then slowed to nothing, and it didn't show up in the custom folder. I then noticed that the Freespace in download folder down the bottom-right had changed to Error. So I changed it back to /downloads ; the Freespace icon now showed the correct amount of space left, and the torrent started downloading fine.

Next, I had a look at the notes on the App page ( ... il?id=1058 ). Note 1 (ie. using /download ) was already pre-set. But Note 2 said "the '/downloads' folder of Deluge binds to '/volume1/Download' shared folder in NAS".

So, does this 'binds to' means that there is no way to change to a custom download location? Or if there is, can someone please give me some pointers on what I need to do to change it? Thanks for this, much appreciated!