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Unrar Completed Torrents

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Unrar Completed Torrents

Postby Jagstyles » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:26 pm

I have tried virtually every add-in or plugin but nothing seems to unrar completed torrents in place. What I mean is, I want the completed torrent to extract the RAR files in the same directory as its currently located when the torrent is completed. I even created a script with a .SH extension with the following:



find /$torrentpath/$torrentname -name ".rar" -execdir unrar e -o- "{}" ;
find /$torrentpath/$torrentname -name ".zip" -execdir unzip e -o- "{}" ;

In Deluge, I have it to execute the script by including the following in the "Execute" field: /home/username/Scripts/ but it doesn't seem to do anything. Anyone have any success on setting this up?
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