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NAS Sleep / Hibernate Issue

NAS Sleep / Hibernate Issue

Postby MonsMagnus » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:43 pm

I guess most of you already knew this, but for those who might not;

I haven't been able to get my NAS (AS6202T) to go into sleep or HDD hibernate mode for a longggggg time. (I am currently running the latest ADM) Yesterday while checking up on the NAS I realized that I still had PLEX running even though I never use it anymore, so I shut it off. This morning I couldn't access my NAS and was more than a little worried by that, so I went in to take a physical look at the NAS and discovered it was in sleep mode. Hmmmm, I powered it back up and went through the logs and sure enough not only did the drives enter hibernate mode but as per my power settings it also went to sleep! This confirmed my suspicions about the source of the same problem on my QNAP, and sure enough shutting down PLEX allows that system to enter sleep and hibernate as well. Anyway, mystery solved for me.
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