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NAS needs to be initialized after reboot, second time now

NAS needs to be initialized after reboot, second time now

Postby YeloMelo » Fri Feb 21, 2020 11:01 pm

My NAS has been acting up lately and I'm not sure what's going on and was wondering if anyone else has been in this position and found a fix.

About two months ago, I updated my ADM and rebooted the NAS. When it came back, it asked me to initialize the device as if I just bought it. I opened a ticket with Asustor, and they told me that it was a faulty drive. I had 4 drives in the NAS at the time, and removed two of them (one was throwing errors, though it was not on Volume1). I reinitialized the device, losing over 2 terabytes of data, and found no errors or even any unusual hard drive stats.

So now, around two months later, I notice that my NAS is not picking up a WAN address (even though I am accessing it remotely through EZ Connect). I figure "okay, I'll just reboot it and it should fix itself". Nope, rebooted right into the initialization page. I am beyond annoyed and frustrated now, and I don't even feel like this NAS is safe for data backups any more, as nifty as it is. The drives in it are all 4TB WD Red drives, one of which is two months old and was added in shortly after the first issue occurred. The worst part is that after initializing, my RAID5 is no longer accessible for whatever reason. I have to resort to going through external devices now to find all of my stuff, which was all neatly organized on the NAS (twice!).

I'll be opening a second ticket with Asustor but I was wondering if anyone has been through this, or can advise on accessing the RAID5 data so it isn't completely lost from the drive. I am on ADM 3.4.6.RDF3, and the box is an AS6104T.
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Re: NAS needs to be initialized after reboot, second time now

Postby orion » Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:14 am

Sounds odd. Did you try to reboot NAS again (try to remove AC power, then turn it on)? Normally NAS volume-0 is system data which is mirrored to each disk. NAS should boot up normally, even if you encountered 2 disk failures (it's hardly this case because your disks are new). I mean your NAS detects no disks (or disks are totally empty) when booting up if you see the initialization wizard. Apparently, it's not the case.

It seems that you cannot get logs (NAS services are not started yet) or other clues. :( I think you'll need to wait for supports.
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