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Internal Crash AS6102T

Internal Crash AS6102T

Postby kazt » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:51 pm

Hi there,

Just got an AS6102T on the table ..
Apparently the partition table of the! Internal! Memory damaged. (Defect of the memory could not yet be excluded).
The internal operating system can therefore no longer be started.
After I started a Livelinux system and checked the internal memory with TestDisk, the partition table could not be saved because the CHS values ​​have no plausible values.

Now to my questions :-D

1. Can someone with an AS6102T look up what values ​​the internal memory should have?
I have set: (disk / dev / sda - 515 MB / 492 MiB - ADATA IUM01-512MFHL CHS 1015 16 62 sector size = 512)

2. Is there an image of a complete ADM version? Or can someone clone and deploy the internal disk?
If the partition table or the system is so damaged, you could at least reload the system.

I tried to "burn" the ADM 3.4.6.RDF3 or older versions onto a bootable stick, but these only seem to be update versions, there is only one file in the IMG file.

Thank you very much for your attention

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Re: Internal Crash AS6102T

Postby father.mande » Sat Feb 01, 2020 1:23 am


When you try to recover data in A.D.M. D.O.M. (disk on memory) you must first use parted and correct the disk table and size
by default any D.O.M. (like any disk) even from the same provider and same size and characteristics ... have small difference ... using parted permit to solve this without destroying the D.O.M.
D.O.M. is divide in 5 (if I remember ... I am in travel) partitions, grub, bzimage, intiramfs, etc. copy of boot partition (to recover), etc.

My AS5002T was crashed ... and with an Ubuntu 18.04 USB live disk I have recovered part using testdisk and others tools)

For the hard disk itself, to access it, you must first reassemble the Raid (with good order ... if multiples disks); then mount it and in case of btrfs ... using restore function to get back needed information or snapshot. I don't remind you for ext4 it's common ...

D.O.M. is enough to restart from scratch BUT use empty disk (no partitions, no data) to restart from fresh, if D.O.M. is not destroyed (partition contains, grub, bzimage, basic Asustor apkg archive, etc.) just start with empty disk ... if not require a dd (disk copy) of a D.O.M. from your model ...
A.D.M. .img file used for update contains only :
... bzimage, initramfs (with checksum and md5sum files) and a tar gzipped file containing the default root system (visible in/usr/builtin folder on disk partition volume 0 (ext4)
... so I don't think totally easy to start from img without a correct D.O.M.

I don't know if Asustor have documented its boot process or update process or initial start process ... perhaps same DOM for all with only the bzimage and initramfs specific ... no idea

NB a file name : DOM.Rescue.USB.img should exist ... but I don't know where is the file (ask the support)
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